Supervising Scholars 

James Doherty,  Supervising Scholar

Dr. James Doherty is a Teaching Fellow in Medieval History at the University of Leeds, where his research focuses on 'political culture, memory, crusading and the exercise of power in the Middle Ages.'

Nicholas Paul,  Supervising Scholar

Dr. Nicholas Paul is Director of The Center for Medieval Studies at Fordham University and Associate Professor of History. His publications include To Follow in Their Footsteps: the Crusades and Family Memory in the High Middle Ages, and Remembering the Crusades: Myth, Image, and Identity (co-edited with Suzanne Yeager). Dr. Paul is currently working on a monograph related to the uses of the crusading frontier as a performance space by medieval aristocrats. He supervises several other digital humanities projects at the Center for Medieval Studies, including the Oxford Outremer Map, and the Siege of Antioch Project.

Dr. Paul oversaw the TEI encoding of the crusader charters and contributed translations and summaries of several charters, as well as writing profiles of Thierry of Flanders and Fulk V of Anjou.

Independent Crusaders Project: Second Edition Team 

Ashley N.  Newby,  Project Supervisor &  Digital Texts Editor

Stephen G.  Powell,  Project Supervisor,  Digital Texts Editor & Encoding Architect

Stephen Powell graduated from Fordham University's MA program in Medieval Studies in 2018. He managed the project from September 2017 through August 2018, and supervised the launch of the Second Edition. 

Katherina M.  Fostano,  Digital Resources Director &  Database/Website Architect. 

Independent Crusaders Project: First Edition Team 

Heather Hill,  Design Lead &  Project Supervisor

Heather Hill is a graduate of Fordham's MA program in Medieval Studies. She oversaw the development of the Independent Crusaders Project First Edition, organizing assignments for each contributor and facilitating conversation as the project progressed. She also constructed the project's first website and created the map of departures using geospatial data extracted from charters, letters, and other documents related to each crusader. Heather also assisted in encoding the charters using the TEI guidelines.

Laura Morreale,  Methods & Research Supervisor

Laura Morreale is a cultural historian of the thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Italian peninsula. Her interests in medieval French-language writing extend to the Crusader States and beyond. Laura was the Associate Director of the Center for Medieval Studies from 2012 until 2018, during which time she facilitated this project and initiated several others, including the French of Italy and French of Outremer websites and their associated web-based studies: the Oxford Outremer Map and Exploring Place in the French of Italy.

Katherine Briant,  TEI Development Lead

Katherine Briant graduated with an MA in Medieval Studies at Fordham University. She assisted with encoding charters and creating charter pages.

Stephen G. Powell,  TEI Development

Alexander Profaci,  TEI Development

Robert Nayden,  Data Collection

Andrew O'Sullivan,  Data Collection