Charter of Henry I of Troyes, 1179




On his way to Jerusalem, Count Henry the Liberal confirms a gift made by Matthew the Red to St Loup of Troyes of Drogo the harness maker and his children.


Ego Henricus, Trecensis comes palatinus, notum facio presentibus et futuris, quod ego, Jherosolimam profecturus, elemosinam laudavi quam Matheus Rufus ecclesie Beati Lupi Trecensis fecerat de Drochone, lorimario, et filiis ejus, quos ipse de feodo meo tenebat. Quod ut ratum sit et inconcussum permaneat, scribi precepi scriptumque sigillo meo confirmari. Actum anno incarnati Verbi M C [L]XX [nono].

Archival Reference

Thirteenth-century copy in the cartulary of St Loup of Troyes. What was previously "BM Troyes, MS 2755," is now "Troyes, Médiathèque, MS 2755."


“Charter of Henry I of Troyes, 1179,” Independent Crusaders Project, accessed November 24, 2020,

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